Tierra alta city blend. For espresso, Moka and automatic machines.

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One of our most popular coffee blends. It's perfect for professional use and for automatic machines. 

Our City blend is a balanced coffee designed to deliver a creamy taste.

Why is this coffee different from others?

- Its all hand picked and that makes a big difference as only the red beans are selected. One green bean in a batch of red beans can possibly increase the bitterness of coffee. 

- It comes from high altitude. This is key as coffee becomes sweeter and natural aromas and flavours develop more. The lack of oxygen at such a high altitude slows the growth of the tree and more natural sugars are formed. 

- Our quality process is extremely high. We taste coffee at every stage to ensure consistency in the blend. Consistency is one of the big differences between regular coffee and specialty coffee.

- We ensure that our producers get paid much better. By working directly with them the coffee farming becomes more stable. 

- A % of our sales goes to an association that gives bikes and shoes to kids in rural coffee areas so that they can go to school. 

Roast profile Medium - high 
Producer Edgar Alzate
Varietal Caturra - Bourbon
Elevation 1800m
Process  24H fermentation - Shade dried.
Weight  210 g.


100% arabica roasted to perfection in nano batches, allowing maximum control of each step.


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