Starter Kit Grinder + Scale + V60 Hario

SFr. 150.00

Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder + Electronic Coffee Scale + Hario V60 kit


Bodum is known for making beautiful objects. And this is no exception to that tradition. A well crafted grinder that is perfect for home use. 

We paired this grinder with the Hario Pour over kit. We love this kit as it gets you moving in the right direction of taste and exploration. Its easy to use and it is easy to clean plus it looks amazing on your dinner table as you prepare coffee for your friends. 

The beauty of pour over is rooted in its ability to leave full control to who prepares it. Mastering a great cup of coffee is done in minutes and not hours as you play with the type of coffee, quantity of coffee, grind size and temperature of the water plus its a method that its easily replicable cup after cup.  

A good start is found in our brew guide section. 

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