Finca Jardín Real - Automatic machines, French Press, Drip methods

SFr. 15.00


Roast profile Medium.Perfect for drip brewing methods.
Producer Edgar Alzate
Varietal Blue Mountain - Caturra - Bourbon - Typica
Elevation 1800m
Process  24H fermentation process, Shade dried.
Weight  210 g
Notes Chocolate & Sugarcane


The Blue mountain varietal is one of those rare coffees that are difficult to find or too expensive to buy. 

This Blend, 100% Colombian grown, seeks to bring out Blue Mountain's beautiful  aromas in a balanced way.

Combined with other Arabica varietals like Caturra, with its defined citrus taste, Bourbon bringing all of its sweetness, and Typica, Blue Mountain's parent tree, with high trees that yield less coffee but concentrate more sweetness.

The result is a Luxurious taste every time.


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