Finca el Champú - Automatic machines, French Press, Drip methods

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SPECIAL RESERVE - 25 Year old Trees.


Roast profile  Medium - perfect for filter and drip brewing
Producer  Dionalber de Jesús Chavarriaga
Varietal  100% Caturra
Elevation  2050 m
Process Artisan fermentation process. Sun dried in sheltered high beds
 210 g
Notes Caramel, Apple & Honey

A coffee tree is normally renewed every seven years, but not according to Dionalber. His family has been producing and perfecting the coffee process for several generations. 

This coffee is a combination of four rare factors making it a true Special Reserve:

1. Very high altitude,for coffee that is, as it is not common to find it above 2000m

2. A non intensive planting method with only 3,500 trees per hectare, vs 6 to 10 thousand in other farms

3. 25 year old trees, comparable to old vines in wine.

4. An artisan fermentation process that defies science and conventional knowledge. A "savoir faire" unique to Dionalber that has been developed over many years of careful observation and hard work.



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