Learn why our coffee rewards Producers and Consumers

When coffee grows above 1800 meters, the lower temperatures and lack of oxygen slow down growth, allowing the development of more natural sugars, aromas and flavors. 

Our coffee is 100% hand picked so only fully ripe red beans are selected, preserving its best characterists.

We source directly, allowing us to guarantee 100% traceability and the payment of at least fair trade prices (generally above). Fair, Single Origin / Single Estate Coffee.

We roast in small batches, controlling each and every one of them, ensuring that beans are roasted consistently in line with our quality criteria. 

A vertical process: from Farm to Cup, delivers Fair and Fresh coffee all year round. 

Premium Colombian coffee beans brewed for a minimum of ten hours in cold water and then filtered twice for an aromatic, naturally sweet, smooth and silky finish.

A brew that's worth the wait.